Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 it is one of the best action game available on the Android smartphone devices for the uses. It was developed by mikki who is established in Cyprus. it has more than hundred millions of the downloads on the Google Play Store it requires minimum Android version of 3.0 and above for the best player in the smart phone not the other devices like tablets also in the recent application of the recent update on the latest date of this application developers has launched a new clan writing rules and they have also added the check was there is an anti cheat system improvement developer have fixed the box this application and they have improved Optimisation this has improved some of the features I know the user can use abusive words and cancel the plates there is no follow if you move to another plane which can be new or old is not different things out of 5 stars and their classification of the Gaming it can be a nail biting application of the gaming for the RPC and the classical fighting this application becoming will help the user for choosing the character for the unlimited weapons which can be little and they are more of this at it also features in the millions and thousands of the life like animated martial art techniques. You can hack games like this with the help of lucky patcher app.

it will help the use of crushing there and usually games and they can even emulate the boss is which had given and he can be get so close for the gate of the shadows the use of anyone get jump and / 40 they have to follow some of the features of the rules in the game they can change into the Epic compact sequences they can you enter the extension library cells which can be of all the new animation system application also devastate they animals with a delightful a innovative controls the user can be thankful for the latest fighting in reference design especially the user which will play this game on the smartphone order tablets on any Android device this journey of this application of the gaming application has 6 types of the world by the user can play like action packed at 12 you’ll come back cover ji vichar Mercy when they are you can integrate storyline the user can even customise there when you’re fired with the epic of the latest might bright spots they can even you’re the crossroads magical powers and politics.

Modern combat 5 : esports FPS

Modern Combat 5, is one of the best action games available on the Playstore for the Android smartphone users it has more than 50 millions of the downloads on the Play Store it was developed by the Gameloft who is established in the France in the recent update of the application developers have developed the box and the quality of the light of the improvement of the life they have made the camera controls on the alternative way they have even improve the Spectre Spectre dota actor demo there were even improve the upgrading of the weapon which can be a simplified system which will help the use of for playing and using all the weapons in the game they can even capture the flag also any new what they have lost in new WhatsApp like 2 world tournament and for new Prestige weapons and overtime mapping. There are online classes for the unique skills and there are high powered online multiplayer gaming system around this game application. There is highly customisable controls and there are also in. Intense Solo play campaign which made his game unique and awesome.